“With your commitment and partnering with Mydomaine you’re able to explore
much more of what life has on offer; Be excited by venturing into new opportunities,
that may have previously been ‘out of reach’ and have the freedom that allows you
to ‘walk your own path’; This, we believe, is the essence of being “Simply Better Off”.

Money, they say it makes the world go around. But what is money? Money itself is nothing! Think about it…..

Earlier cultures once used cowrie shells as money and that’s really not much different to using metal discs or the pieces of paper we use as money today.

By definition, money is a circulating medium of exchange. When exchanged, it represents equal value to the value of a good or a service it is traded for. The total amount of money that can be issued by a country’s Government, is equal to that total amount of asset value that country possesses.

Therefore the amount of money in circulation, at any given time, is finite.

As there is then limited supply, and because our economy and society has placed such high value and importance on it, its ability to be exchanged for material things means there is much demand and competition for it.

Those who are good at this exchange will have more money than those who are not. This has given rise to those who ‘have’ and those who ‘have not’. Some, who want it so much, will go to extraordinary lengths to get more than their share, so money is often described as “the root of all evil”.

Money is simply a promissory note. For you, it’s the promise of opportunity. The more money you have, the more opportunities present themselves.

Wealth, as opposed to money, is something much more valuable. Its definition rests with each of us differently. The notion of wealth and being wealthy is defined by our own personal values and desires.

And, for many, our aspiration is to simply be “Simply better off”.