Your own Principle Advisor applies a wide range of skills to your financial affairs and works hard to make sure you grow your wealth, as efficiently and as safely as possible.

Your Mydomaine Primary Advisor or “Financial GP” draws on the resources of a Specialist Team of well trained and qualified professionals including Accountants, Solicitors, Training & Management Consultants, Psychologists, Financial planners, Real Estate Agents and Property Consultants.

These services mean you receive expert advice each year on maximising your after-tax income and investment profile.


As we look into each aspect in detail, you will get a clear understanding of where you are right now, and what the plan is to get you to where you want to be.

We describe this interaction as the “5 point prosperity star”.

Our goal is to help you feel in control, have clarity, and to have confidence. Looking to the future, managing your superannuation, we leave no stone unturned to ensure you’re prepared to be self-reliant and financially secure. Along the way, you are managing your budget, paying off your family home as soon as you’re able, and minimising the amount of tax you pay.

It’s about being efficient, economic and compliant.

We look at what you owe and help you formulate a strategic and safe use of loans.

We help you build wealth through investment into growth assets with a risk management plan and insurance to protect you, your family and your assets. The focus is on diversified wealth creation

So only when engaging all these points of the ‘prosperity star’ does it all come back to helping you being “Simply Better Off”.