Our approach

There’s no simple, ‘cookie cutter’ solution to becoming better off.

Here at Mydomaine, we approach many things differently… and our clients love those approaches.

  • We make sure you stay in control of your money.
  • Any & all commissions, we refund it to you, 100%.
  • We deliver Legitimate tax planning strategies only.
  • Develop strategies that respect asset protection principles
  • Use strategies that are simple and efficient to administer
  • We only recommend investments you understand

These principles guide our advice to you.

Every person has very different circumstances, priorities and commitments. So we assign to you your own Primary Advisor. They become your “Financial GP and Finance Concierge” who takes control of the advisory and implementation process.

Your Primary Advisor takes time to learn about you;

  • Importantly, your aspirations and life goals.
  • Your age and life-stage;
  • Your relationship status;
  • Your occupation; and
  • Your attitude to risk;

Over your journey, you may need guidance and advice in many different areas. Having all of these areas managed cohesively with your own Primary Advisor who knows you well, is a real advantage.

Knowing you well, Mydomaine Wealth as a multi-disciplined advisory, can look holistically at your financial needs and consider how each area interacts and affects another.