At the very foundation of our business, and at the heart of our long term client relationships, is our commitment to our values and ethics.

We put our clients’ interests first, always.

We do all things necessary to ensure the best possible results for each client at all times.

Our pledge to you is to:

  • Ensure all advice is made without any conflict of interest.
  • Ensure all advice is reasonable and appropriate.
  • Ensure honesty, candour and integrity at all times.

And, our final promise to you is that the fee for our services is presented in the most tax-effective manner and our careful, personalised advice should ultimately result in you gaining significantly more wealth than what you spend in money.

With your commitment and partnering with Mydomaine you’re able to explore much more of what life has on offer; Be excited by venturing into new opportunities, that may have previously been ‘out of reach’ and have the freedom that allows you to ‘walk your own path’;

This we believe is the essence of being “Simply Better Off”.