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For most of us debt is a necessity of life, whether it be your own home, a car, boat, investment property, credit card, or a new business venture, chances are we will require borrowed money of some sort at some stage in our lives.

Personal debt can often be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, and this is not a small amount of money in anyone’s language. Given that the prudent management of this debt has an impact on our day to day finances and lives, it becomes imperative that you ensure your current and future loans are well managed and sourced with a view to the entire market and specifically relevant to your needs.

There are any number of banks and institutions out there looking to lend you money. It’s odd then that they all push their product as the “best in market” – but best for whom! It can be hard to sort the chaff from the hay. Our team of independent finance brokers do just that for you making the entire experience painless and time efficient.

How much debt you have in your life has an obvious impact on your financial affairs, particularly your cash flow position.

That’s why we help you look at the big picture in a comprehensive wealth management plan by looking at home loans, investment loans, leasing, and personal loans among others.

By reviewing your debt, we can help you decide if there are alternative debt structures available to you if appropriate.

Borrowing Money?

Through our associated business, Mydomaine Money they can provide to you, personal credit advice and assistance with the selection, application and settlement on all types of finance. Mydomaine Money, too prefer to work for you on a Fee-for-Service basis and with their MONEY BACK MORTGAGE, rebate to you 100% of all Lenders commissions!

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