The Western Australian Public Trustee recently aired publically their concerns that 65% of adults do not have a valid Will. Further to that only 19% of families with young children have a Will. Dying without a valid Will can cause great pain and heartache to those you love the most. Issues can be further complicated with blended families, and disputes do arise.[1]

There has been a perception that to have a Will prepared can be quite an expensive exercise, and indeed it once was. Gone are the days of lawyers charging by the word for lengthy and complicated legal documents. Today having a Will drafted by a qualified lawyer can be a painless and inexpensive process.

It is simply something all of us need to have, and if you have not already done this then please let us know and we can assist you and your family with this.

Comprehensive Estate Planning involves reviewing and documenting your total financial position and future wishes. This is inclusive within our advice philosophy. It’s an important part of your overall wealth management plan.

It’s important to consider the future management of your affairs if you become unable to manage them for yourself. An Estate Plan can give you peace of mind knowing your affairs are managed according to your wishes should something happen to you.

That’s why here at Mydomaine, we’ve streamlined the Estate Planning process for you as part of your wealth management plan. We’ve also reduced the costs and complexities involved to make it easier for you.

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