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Whether investments are made inside or outside super, in property, in share markets locally or globally, in bonds, term deposits, cash, or you invest in a business of your own, investments have a view to the future. That is, we hope to make a future gain in the form of capital growth and/or income. Sometimes we can also receive some tax benefits, but importantly we make these investments so that we, and those we love, will be better off in the future.

Most people behave in a reactive manner when it comes to their investments. Our experience tells us that it is best to behave in considered manner inclusive of all you financial goals and circumstances.
If you are considering making an investment, or wish to better manage those you have, we have a team of subject matter expert to assist you to make the best choices now, and to walk with you to ensure you continue to make the best choices irrespective of market conditions.

Investing is an important part of wealth management, both inside and outside of superannuation.

Here at Mydomaine, we know your circumstances are unique. That’s why it’s important for us to ensure your investments reflect your individual needs, expectations and tolerance for risk.

Our technically-structured research and rigorous selection process ensures investments chosen are the best suited to help you achieve your long-term financial and lifestyle goals. That’s why we also review and manage your investments regularly to make sure you’re still on the right path.

Within your superannuation and other portfolios we help you structure your underlying investments. This can range from simple managed fund, share and property portfolios through to Individually Managed Accounts, which are fully managed portfolios diversified across all asset classes to mitigate risks, including cash, fixed interest, international investments, property trusts and Australian equities.

Property Investment

Through our associated business, Myportfolio, we can offer a wide range of properties/property funds offered by leading Developers, Builders, Sellers and Property Funds Managers.

my-portfolioMYPORTFOLIO can research a wide range of properties and property management arrangements to our clients. While there may be other products and services suitable for you, we only advise and deal in products and services that we have researched.


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