We all know that we need to work hard on our savings, on the management of our finances, and nearly all of us fear not having enough money to fund our retirement. Almost everyone has a different view on what their retirement might look like. For some it might be world travel and five star hotels, it might be a caravan and the open roads of Australia, or it might mean downsizing your home and spending time with the grandkids.

Whatever your opinion on the ideal retirement your superannuation fund will go a long way toward funding your lifestyle after you finish working. Quite often Superannuation funds will have hundreds of thousands of dollars, your dollars, in them by the time you are ready to retire. Quite obviously, given that fact, it is prudent to have that amount of money invested well…further to that proper planning can increase the amount you will have in superannuation at retirement.

Superannuation and subsequently pension funds have significant tax advantages and when used wisely can provide large benefits to us all.

Take the time to have a look at your next superannuation statement and reflect on the amount in there. Think about that amount sitting on your kitchen table, and think what you might do with it. Don’t you think this amount of money is worth investing some time in ensuring it is invest well and working for you?
It’s never too early to start planning for your retirement.

But have you considered when you want to retire and what kind of lifestyle you want to lead when you do? And are you currently making sure you’re saving enough to be able to lead your desired lifestyle when you do retire?

That’s why we help you make deliberate and realistic plans for retiring. We can provide you with guidance on much you’ll need in your superannuation fund to retire and how much income you’ll receive when you do.

In providing superannuation and retirement advice, we consider a wide range of possibilities and cover all forms of superannuation funds and other structures to help you make decisions about your future retirement.

We help you put a comprehensive wealth management plan in place to protect your future and maximise all you have worked for over a lifetime. Your plan will give you confidence that your wishes for your future are secure.